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The emerging science is a new science originated with the explosion of natural and integrative medicine; it is the science of epigenetics and nutrigenomics which studies, treats, and analyzed how the environment and lifestyle can affect our genes with all the pathological consequences from related mutations, ways, and natural remedies to prevent, to address and treat the related dysfunctions.

This is the main concept of the emerging science and what most of the experts are treating and commenting in their articles, blogs, books, seminars and webinars, summits and conferences, and that bloggers and writers like myself try to report and share with the public.

But we can all feel overwhelmed from a lot of information from all kinds of sources, and we all may know already enough of these new lifestyle protocols and suggestions.

Why I chose the title of “The Emerging Science” for my blog’s site then?

One of my first blogs, titled “The World Summit” was partially describing the essential point of the “Emerging Science” and why I did get involved with that.

The purpose of the functional and integrative medicine is to find the “root cause” of a disease, and we all know this now very well.

“Every disease begins in the gut” and/or “we are what we eat” are other sentences more time repeated from naturopaths.

Hippocrates the “Father of Medicine” was mentioning these sentences and still today are so valid and true.

We now know so well that the food and ways we eat, our lifestyle and environment are the main reasons of our health issues and of the major diseases today.

The health of the microbiome is so important and the wellbeing of our digestive tract even more because- in short and simplified- if this is damaged, or leaky the bacteria and fragments of proteins and molecules, and toxins from the intestine can migrate in other systems causing variety of problems.

So, what can we do to keep our microbiome healthy and so the intestinal wall?

The food obviously is what we introduce more frequently in our body, and this is why we need to make sure first of all to pick healthy, clean and safe food, but also, we must look at our body’s tolerance. As we know there are food to which we might be sensitive or intolerant and these are those we should avoid and that will cause the problems. Or if we refer to the Blood Type Diet of Dr. Peter D’Adamo whose father was testing that a food who is medicine for one can be poison for another in a book titled “One Man’s Food”, and based on experience with his patients, we should eat following the prototypes and protocols of our blood type avoiding foods that can cause agglutinations for the presence of lectins which are substantially toxins.

I am not expert of other diets because I personally follow and refer to the Mediterranean Diet and Blood Type Diet, and which are anti-inflammatory diets with some restrictions.

If there are instead more serious digestive problems, like IBS, SIBO, or yeast infections, or others, those suggested are elimination diets, or microbiome diets, or fodmap diets which are pretty restrictive.

The other way we can alter our microbiome and not simply this is with the introduction of toxins, the doctors talk incessantly about this and the number and type of these are enormous, they come with foods as poison, as lectins that agglutinate cells, with products we use for cleaning, or any other purpose, from the environment, as emissions of gas and chemicals of all types. The alternatives to these are many and mainly coming from natural products or essential oils, while in case of pollution several attempts for reduction of emissions or other type of strategies have been adopted from years and even more lately because of the world’s catastrophic damages on the environment.

When these external attacks on our body and systems reach the limit, we start to react and to get sick also based on the strength of our immune system and that depends on how we nourish and supplement and from how much inflammation there is in our body caused from these external causes. It is all connected, and one can influence another, our internal feedback systems help to alert, and repair the damages till possible, otherwise we must take action.

Here is why prevention is particularly important and must be addressed as soon as possible before these damages can initiate with serious and drastic consequences.

I am not a health coach, but a biologist, and I encourage all of whom are interested in becoming a health coach to look at the options because this is a growing field and with career opportunities at these times.

Thanks For Reading

Mariarosaria M.

If you are interested to become a Health Coach, check these links:



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