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Fatigue is one of those symptoms that we all encounter sometime in this life, for some can be occasional and simply due to too much work or not much sleeping, to stress or lack of nutrients, or as consequence of an infection, but for many can be a chronic issue.


One primary cause of fatigue is due to lack of sleep as just mentioned, all doctors agree on this cause, and they cannot emphasize enough in each of their lectures or webinar whatever the subject in question can be. During sleeping besides resting the whole body and mind our tissues are repaired from the variety of damage caused during the day thanks to the repairing mechanisms of our body’s system; if we miss this for prolonged periods of time there will be consequences, for this reason we all should regain the hours of sleep lost in a way or another and try to get a constant pattern of sleep.

Anemia is another primary cause of fatigue whatever the cause of anemia is, from low iron, or hemoglobin, or low blood cells count, or loss of blood, fatigue will be for sure a primary symptom and the cause need to be address as soon as possible with blood tests, rest, good nutrition, and supplementation.

Adrenal fatigue is much common and mentioned, it is related to stress but also to other reasons, or to adrenal dysfunctions. I discussed about this problem in a previous blog talking about the exhaustion deriving from this type of dysfunction, here is the link:

Exhaustion. How Adrenal Stress Can Affect Thyroid Function and The Methylation Balance

Thyroid fatigue is characteristic of thyroid disease, especially with hypothyroidism where all the body functions are delayed, and the metabolism slows down.

Low methylation or hypomethylation due to the MTHFR mutations is another reason for fatigue and this is usually associate with low thyroid for who has thyroid disease. There are more blogs in regard of this subject, and I have been mentioned already enough.

Another reason for fatigue is due to liver function, our liver works a lot, it has a variety of functions, the most processing and degradation of molecules and compounds happens in the liver, conjugations of amino acids and glycoproteins, degradation of glycogen and triglycerides and so on.

When liver is overloaded from toxins, or from too much fat stops working as should and first consequence are tiredness and fatigue.

Liver also request rest to function properly and especially clean foods, light eating and avoidance of toxins, the remedies are different and important and helpful in this case is to test for liver markers to monitor the function and eliminate more drastic assumption like hepatitis or even cancer.

Natural detoxifiers for liver are artichokes, fennel and anise, squash, beets, escaroles, and any other fruit or vegetable with purifying and detoxifier properties.

The most common remedies are curcumin and N-acetylcysteine or NAC, milk thistle and silymarin, but the most powerful and direct of all is glutathione, the best body’s antioxidant with multiple functions, as more time mentioned; more specific details in regard can be found in this other of my blogs:

Liver and Detoxification

Fatigue is certainly also caused from cardiovascular problems, our heart and vessels can cause heart fatigue if something is wrong and the blood circulation is not regular, shortness of brief is something connecting to heart fatigue, if we run for long time we all experience shortness of brief or that wheezing that comes with efforts so as when we work out at gym, of course these are normal reactions, but if they are intense or persist along time we need to look at our heart function.

Also, in this case there are natural remedies and markers to test to figure out and diagnostic procedures as very well known. Here I discuss about cardiovascular problems:

Cardiovascular Health, Blood Type Correlation and Genetic Factors. The MN System

Candida infection can cause fatigue as well, the debilitation caused from this chronic opportunist which craves and makes crave for sugar can spread all over the body becoming a serious problem if not addressed in time.

Natural remedies are different and mainly based on herbal elements and elimination diets, tests are also available on blood as type of microbiological culture from swabs, or serum for the research of specific antibodies against. Typical herbs for candida are oregano, thyme, sage, lemongrass, or berberine, or complexes including more of these anti-microbial herbs.

One more chronic agent of infection that can cause chronic fatigue is the Epstein Barr virus, of the Herpes family of viruses; this is the virus responsible of mononucleosis or “kissing disease’. Usually when the first encounter happens, we all are exposed to, so as to the other herpes, but if our immune system is weak and there is a low guard for a reason or another here is when the virus gets activated and cause the disease, and where the fatigue is the most typical sign.

Remedies and tests are available. As remedies any anti-microbial herbs will work as well, or more specific anti-viral herbs like astragalus, echinacea, ginseng, dandelion, garlic, Sambucus and licorice, as much as turmeric and quercetin, and immune support formulas which contain also part of these herbs besides the regular vitamin A,C, D, zinc and elderberry, and especially in this case the B-complexes are very important to sustain the fatigue, but also liver detoxifiers since the liver gets involved. Tests are done on serum for the research of the specific antibodies against it.

And of course, since of the pandemic we have learned about a new reason for fatigue, the Long Haul as they call or journey of symptoms post-covid that can last till a year or even more and where fatigue is the primary symptom.

General remedies for fatigue are obviously all compounds and elements that give energy like B vitamins, multivitamins and minerals for containing a little bit of all necessary elements, NADH as a fundamental key in the Krebs cycle and source of energy, nitric oxide also will be helpful especially with cardiovascular conditions, or CoQ10, just to mention the most common and with no implications or side effects, but there are plenty of elements and  compounds today for energy, and the choice must always be based on our body’s tolerance and sensitivity to certain elements and reactions that may derive.

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Mariarosaria Malham


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