Natural Sources Therapies, Steam and Thermal Baths

Benefits and Properties

While in visit of my family in Italy and vacationing, I have had the opportunity to stop by one of the most famous and old centers for thermal therapy nearby Naples, the city where I come from.

The name of the center is “Stufe di Nerone” from the name of the famous Roman Imperator, and is in the area of Pozzuoli, along the “Flegrea Coast”

The complex is beautiful, with different amenities and is located in an area with plenty of different types of plants and trees.

In this period people can enjoy lot of sunshine and heat while lying to the sun or bathing in the fresh water of regular pools, or in the warm water of the thermal pools, or detoxifying with the steam of original saunas, or with the mud therapy.

The place is pretty quiet and well-regulated despite of the chaos of these areas.

Following the style of the antique Romans adapted to the modern technologies they have created a place for benefits and pleasure, utilizing the philosophy of the total well-being, the cure of the body and mind as for the antique roman and oriental tradition.

The thermal waters thanks to the organ electric characteristics offer a re-mineralization of the body and pleasant sensation of the skin also thanks to the elimination of impurities if combined with the deep sweating in natural saunas. Besides the tone and anti-inflammatory properties, they have particular benefits and are suggested for variety of symptomatology and conditions like: osteo-arthritis, rheumatism, respiratory’ s diseases, oral flogosis, acne and more.

The thermal pools are composed of water salso-bromo-iodic with temperature of 35 C~ 95 F, the swim combined to water exercise provides additional benefits as relax and muscle tone, and cells regeneration.

The saunas are natural, and the source of heat comes from the under thermal waters heated by vulcanological activity of the “Flegrei Campi”, the temperature reached is around 54 C~ 129.2 F

It’s an environment with high saturation of steam and mineral salt.

The therapeutic action depends on the thermal warm waters and steam that allows the fluidification of mucus solving problems like rhinitis and sinus congestions, not recommended for people with asthma.

The “Stufe” so as they are called consent a conspicuous sweating allowing the hydric turnover and a better circulatory function.

The mineralization coming from these waters is also high beneficial for the treatment of osteopathy, rheumatisms, gout, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoporosis, muscles strains and myopathy.

The nasal inhalations or “aerosol” are a typical therapy of the thermal centers for the cure of the respiratory system and are performed with the waters salso-bromo-iodic-alkaline-terrose of the natural sources.

The mud therapy if correctly applied can be useful as preventive treatment for the cure of some pathologies; normally is indicated for muscular strains, rheumatisms, carpal tunnel, osteoarthrosis and more, not though during the acute stage of a disease.

The mud is composed from a solid component, the argillan, and from the mineral waters, and undergo a process of maturation that can last from 6-12 months.

Its application generates an increase of the local body’s temperature resulting in vasodilation and stimulation of the metabolic activities of the skin and activation of diaphoresis and of the body’s temperature in general.

The mud therapy exercises in general different type of actions: anti-inflammatory, analgesic, myorelaxant, and of stimulus on different type of metabolic processes like, hydro-saline turnover, blood pressure decrease, increase of lipolysis, stimulation of the axis hypothalamus-hypophysis- suprarenal with liberation of ACTH and mobilization of opioid peptides like beta-endorphins.


The mud therapy cannot be used with an acute inflammatory process. Also is not recommended for people with venous insufficiency, cardiovascular problems, renal insufficiency, or hepatic dysfunction.

Thermal Therapies are a real “toccasana”,a touch of wellbeing, one can find relief for inflammation of any type, relax, purification and detoxification, and rejuvenation of skin and other body’s tissues.

I suggest anyone interested to visit this type of centers in any location they may be found.

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Mariarosaria M.

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