The Pandemic and a Survey

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The pandemic is not over yet, or finally is, but not for the governmental institutions in US and other countries, especially in my own country, Italy. News and reports are controversial, and we do not know who or what to believe anymore.

We know that vaccines are necessary in life in specific cases, like those important to do when we are born, or in medical work environment, or other environments, or when traveling in wild area of the world, but they can also cause side effects and even death in rare cases. Certainly, I do not believe other type of data that show about terrible things inside these vaccines, or of risks of transferring even other type of pathogens. Who could do such a thing to the humanity. It is too unrealistic for me to believe this, perhaps accidentally, but even in this case hard to believe for the process of safety and control vaccines go through.

This disease is not so dangerous as it was at begin, it looks like, and as the majority of naturopaths I believe that natural immunity is the most important tool to fight a disease. Especially with coronaviruses there is a history that makes realize that we have been certainly in contact in the past with other types of SARS coronaviruses, and currently since the begin, we all have been exposed in way or another to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and developed some sort of immunity against even though the strains are different and even though we did not get sick.

The same Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA and DNA gene therapy’s techniques talks about the concept of cross-reactivity and previous exposures, besides the other concerns he seems to have for the use of a genic therapy as the same he has invented in collaboration with other scientists, as for the errors that can develop from the insertion of mRNA into the human cells.

This from one of his articles in cooperation with his wife, I have assembled through copy and paste of their original article just cutting parts:

“What Do Covid, HIV And Many Common Colds Have in Common” By Drs. Jill & Robert W. Malone

 “The RNA genome of a coronavirus can be infectious; the RNA alone, if transferred into a cell, can cause that cell to produce complete and infectious new coronaviruses. This is why mRNA vaccines only use a fragment of the mRNA genome, so that the mRNA cannot reproduce virus.”

The same inventor tests that we should be secure at least for this part, but not for the errors that can develop.

“Using RNA as the genetic material- the article continues- is very efficient, but it is also very likely to develop errors during replication relative to using double stranded DNA (like human beings use). Among other problems with this viral strategy viruses that use RNA often mutate very fast. Good thing that human beings use DNA to store their genetic information!”

“The high mutation rate of RNA viruses is one reason why it is difficult to make effective vaccines against many of these types of viruses, this is why there is no vaccine for HIV and the common cold.”

“RNA viruses account for a large fraction of all known human viruses, including many well-known pathogens such as HIV (the AIDS virus), hepatitis C virus (liver cancer), rhinoviruses (common cold), West Nile virus, Dengue virus, Zika, SARS and MERS coronaviruses, and COVID-19.”

“As the virus undergoes pressure from the vaccine with a target of a single protein (spike in this case), it will mutate to escape the vaccine and these escape mutants will often become more deadly.”

This is what the inventor of the mRNA and DNA gene therapies thinks.

Yes, right now cases are surging again all around the world and hospitals seems also cannot contain as they say and show on TV and media. They are admitting that omicron variant is more infectious and less dangerous and most of the cases are resolving as a regular cold or flu, but then other news report that some doctors warn in regard saying that it is not always this way and that also omicron can be very dangerous, and especially for the unvaccinated, is this true?

The conclusion is that we all do what we think is the best for us and maintain respect for others, and as much as we can get informed it is always a good thing, but it is also important do not get overwhelmed and continue living our life in the best possible way and with a little bit of faith, God is always there if we ask for Him and let Him guide us.

I would like to try at this point a brief survey on my own just to have an idea of how things have been going since this pandemic did start.

This is the link for who kindly would like to participate.

Thank you for the collaboration.

Mariarosaria M.

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2 thoughts on “The Pandemic and a Survey”

  1. My daughter is an RN and works in the ICU and Covid unit. She also was very ill from Covid but she did recover. You are correct that we all feel differently about vaccines and the pandemic. So many people had stopped living in fear of getting Covid, I know I did for a period of time. I’m glad it is not as deadly anymore. Thank you for another excellent post.


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