Global Cancer Symposium Review Part II.

This part includes even more interesting data, more types of techniques utilized, new tests and promising therapies.

Dr. Bita Badakjhan, M.D.  has been providing some of this useful information while talking about “Avoid Metastasis and recurrence of cancer.”

We all have tumor cells, she says, but if not activated from any oncogenic process or metabolites they remain harmless; secreting tumor cells and growing process takes up to six years to be manifested. At the begin tumor cells circulate in blood to reach organs and systems.

It is possible to know if these cells are circulating in blood ahead of time doing a liquid biopsy called RGCC test or Greek test; this is not still available in USA, but it is coming soon, only countries as Germany and Greece practice, and so centers associate send their samples to be analyzed. They look at tumor and stem cells, circulating cells are from time in body, stem cells may show few mutations but not still cancer development; they might also show presence of virus and parasites or any other infection that may cause cancer; no symptoms must be ignored.

Microbiome is the key to fix everything and so tumors. Immunotherapy, fico transplant, acidity tests, rebuilding of microbiome, restore of mitochondria, get rid of toxins, those the things she was suggesting, so as many other doctors; additionally, in regard of microbiome health she was reminding of not giving antibiotics to kids because here is where imbalance begin and the whole series of problems.

Regular biopsy causes cancer cells daughter to spread all over the body. Cryotherapy freezes tumor in situ then to be removed, chemo is necessary in worse cases, not suggested antioxidants during chemo because they can neutralize effects of chemo, but after a week to rebuild the immune system suppressed from chemotherapy, or prior a chemo. Hypothermia or hyperbaric oxygen also are better before of chemotherapy.

Best diet for this doctor is vegan, to avoid estrogen in animal production. Cancer likes pH 6.5-7.5, ideal pH should be 7.5-8.5. Cancer cells produce lactic acid, this the reason why they make cells so sick. She was warning against radiations, avoiding X-Ray tests too frequently, and in support to supplement with NAC and SOD.

Other tests they practice at her clinic, “The Healing center for Cancer”, I believe is called PHI, is a blood work and stand for Phosphohexose Isomerase; it is an enzyme of fermentation, anaerobic marker of anaerobic metabolism, and is produced by cancer cells, if is elevated, the body is going to form cancer.

This test can be done before of RGCC test.

If PHI test is done after chemotherapy means cancer is going in metastasis, in this case patient is treated with hyperbaric oxygen, alkaline environment, IV high doses of vitamin C; these therapies may not work for everyone. Circulating cancer cells can be still circulating even after a diagnosis of remission until the root cause is found.

It is particularly important to keep stomach acidity because microbes, especially parasites can cross the gastrointestinal barrier and reach out organs and multiply for years, not a good idea to drink alkaline water while eating if there is acid reflux, acid is necessary to digest food, and mainly proteins, and for this reason it is especially Important to know about food allergy, sensitivity, and intolerance to prevent acid.

Dana Morgan, other speaker, was mentioning the RGCC test, and that treatments following the results are personalized.  IPT, or low dose chemotherapy is combined with other things to support the immune system, like herbs and nutrients. She also mentioned that the Journal of Oncology was stating that chemo, radiation, cannot eradicate a cancer, but instead for 90% causes metastasis, and that Western Medicine is linking HPV and Epstein Barr to lymphoma and prostate cancer, but eventually there are more connections among viruses and cancers. Immunotherapy is especially important and virus eradication.

Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D. also member of “Cancer Center for Healing” was illustrating the Nano Oxygen and all therapies with oxygen, hyperbaric, ozone therapy, etc. Bath in nano bubbles plus oxygen. We need oxygen for everything, every reaction in our body needs oxygen. How relate to cancer, Otto Warburg, German scientist discovered that cancer cells thrive in anaerobic environment, for oxygen is definitively an enemy for cancer cells.

John Santoyo, technician was talking about another technique, the SEP, Electrohydraulic Pressure Pulse for reversing cancer polarity. This device produces strong pulses that can be felt in body, based on lithotherapy principle, and good for kidney stones too. Cancer is an electrical fault, every organ has positive and negative electric poles, cancer tries to hide from the body’s immune system developing a fibrinogen tissue around itself that helps to hide and reverse polarity. This electromagnetic device is also good for many other issues like, muscles, endocrine, adrenal fatigue, plantar fasciitis, and foot disorders, and for healing wounds, thanks to the waves coming from the pressure.

Dr. Ben Edwards, M.D., was speaking about “Affordable, safe, and effective treatments when money is tight”. He was a family prime care doctor, but then changed his prospective after a celiac patient began to be better after radical changes of diet and lifestyle since he saw a naturopathic doctor. Still some doctors can prescribe supplements but do not look at root causes, he thinks.

Insulin balance and mitochondria health are the most important pillars of health for this doctor.

Cancer is not acquired, such as a virus like the coronavirus of Covid-19, for example, but both emerge in a drastic inflammatory status, or chronic disease, metabolic inflexibility, terrain dysfunction.

And then he was analyzing the germ theory versus terrain theory, germs are part of the problem, but if we only eliminate them we do not solve the problem, for example he was referring to insects and mold, if they are only clean out away, they will grow again; it is necessary to keep the environmental conditions (pH, ventilation, hygiene) for do not let them reproduce; same thing with COVID-19 and all other germs, it is all about the terrain.

Genes are turned on when all is exhausted, if there are chronic or inflammatory conditions, or comorbidity he suggests starting a fast, or low blood sugar diet, increasing vitamin D levels, (as cod liver oil, or sunshine), managing stress, and use of anti-inflammatories like vitamin C and ozone.

If no symptoms with a COVID-19 infection means that the immune system is working the way should, so it is a good thing. During a liquid biopsy there are circulating cancer cells because we all have, the matter is to keep these repressed and not multiplying and developing tumor with appropriate lifestyle and effective immune system. People can have tumor for years that does not change, in many cases cancer does not cause problems, there are more instead with conventional treatments.

His 4 pillars are: nutrition, hydration, movement, and peace.

Nutrition must be plant based and organic, he was stressing on the importance of salts and minerals, and reducing sugar content foods and all inflammatory foods, applying a narrow eating window, with intermitting fast, at least of 16 hrs.

For hydration, not just water but also type of foods hydrated, like watermelon for example or any type of fruits and vegetables, in this water is structured, H3O2, which means that will penetrate in cells membranes better. If urine are too yellow means that we are not hydrated, if they are clear like water we are hydrated, better clean water mineralized, from rain and spring sources.

For movement, simply regular movement, if at home and smoking and then go to the gym, not useful, better being outside.

For peace he meant to stay away from negative thoughts which release negative energy and abnormal vibration frequency. God drives us through this life, deep spirituality, “you are the cure, your body has the power to heal.”

Donna Gate was treating, “Candida, parasites, and cancer, removing infections to facilitate and achieve healing”.

She is the author of the “Body Ecology Diet” written to overcome candida infection. Candida, parasites, and cancer are all connected.

Parasites are difficult to get rid of, they hide in biofilm in small intestine for years, only colon therapy can eliminate them pouring water slowly to fill the colon so that the biofilm can be detached from the walls, those in large intestine can be eliminate through colon cleanse and detoxification processes. Candida can be local and systemic. Can be managed with treatment, diet and immune system reinforce, but not cured.

Candida presents in two forms, as yeast, not aggressive, and as filament with tentacles called ife; both produce toxins, gliotoxins and acetaldehyde, this last one is a byproduct of alcohol, reason why people with candida infection may look like drunk or sleepy because acetaldehyde can affect the brain. Toxins damage DNA, DNA damaged causes cancer, cells die or mutate. Too many senescent cells commit suicide, apoptosis, and so a tumor.

Causes are, high sugar diet, weak immune system, stress, antibiotics, estrogen dominance, alcohol, chronic inflammation, oxidative stress, ROS, and free radicals, superoxide, hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, processed foods, sugars, and bad oils. Genes involved, SOD, CAT, CBS, GSH, and variants in the ATP cycle.

With aging, inflammation, apoptosis, and immune resistance there is a gene that modulates these processes in a positive way. DNA repair gene SIRT-1-7 controls circadian clock, and how cell respond to stress, to niacinamide, and resveratrol.

We can increase Sirtuin for longevity with deep sleep, autophagy, calories restriction, polyphenols in bitter vegetables, oil of olive, dark chocolate, curcumin, ginger, ginseng, dark berries, DHA, melatonin, NADH.

Diet for candida besides sugars and carbohydrates must avoid oxalates foods, high histamine foods, and animal proteins, yeast converts amino acids in putrescines. Sugar feeds cancer, yeast makes oxalates (defense systems for plants) which are toxins that produce stones, and they cause pain everywhere they establish. Histamine also related, wine and fermented foods contain histamines, also chocolate and soy, but miso soup seems to prevent breast cancer.

Her conclusions, fix gut, remove candida and parasites and biofilms, bad diet and toxins, repair gut lining and regenerate microbiota. Support genes variants: ALDH, ALD, alcohol clearance, detoxification, methylations pathways, CBS, GSH, IL-6, inflammatory cells, all SNPs for nutrients. 

As we can see plenty of recommendations, some over-repeated and well known, especially for who is in the field, or worse involved with cancer personally, but also many new and important information.

Thanks for reading.

Mariarosaria M.


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