Global Cancer Symposium Review

Cancer: When good cells go bad | CTCA
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“Revolutionary new treatments in Alternative Medicine, encouraging resolutions and radical remissions.”

These the most remarkable aspects and facts to collect from this symposium.

The host, Nathan Crane after difficult life experience and wrong lifestyle discovered new ways to be healthy and from here, he became always more involved with alternative medicine; at this time, he is interviewer, film producer, and Award winner director of the healing club “Cancer, The Integrative Perspective”.

He is the organizer of this symposium which gathers a variety of scientists, mainly alternative medicine doctors talking about cancer, new techniques, and strategies in alternative medicine to prevent and to cure, not just cancer but all the inflammatory diseases.

All the speakers were providing interesting information, conversations were professionally managed with no interruption from the host and questions were appropriate and investigative.

Dr. Robyn Benson, D.O.M.  member of the “Cancer Center for Healing” was talking about therapies and of regenerative medicine, how to reverse from degeneration through oxidative medicine and stem cell therapy. She was giving much importance to mouth hygiene, many diseases come from the mouth and from there spread to the whole body. In connection to this Dr. Benson was emphasizing technique like hydrogen peroxide and ozone therapy as oxidative therapies to get rid of microbes as root cause for cancer. She also was speaking about the importance of the environment and necessity to get rid of toxins, detoxification protocols, and much more the importance of being surrounded of indoor plants to generate oxygen to detoxify from environmental toxins, and for all what we need oxygen for. Negative thoughts affect all systems and so the wellbeing, it is especially important therefore maintaining a healthy mental status, feelings, and emotions during a disease to support the healing process.

Dr. Kelly Turner, PhD was discussing about radical remission and that healing from cancer is possible without conventional medicine. She classifies 3 categories of people, 1) those who refuse from the begin to be treated from conventional doctors, 2) those who begin with conventional treatments but then discouraged of results decide to contact alternative doctors, 3) and finally those who combine conventional treatments with integrative medicine.

As alternative therapies she was mentioning besides the “Gerson Diet” as type of diet for cancer, “Coley’s Toxins” injections where a mix of killed bacteria are injected to stimulate the immune system, while other doctors are incorporating high doses of vitamin C with low doses of conventional chemotherapy, or LDI.

Among her 10 pillars, as for the most of these doctors, there are, diet and exercise, toxins avoidance and detoxification, herbs and supplements, stress reduction, sleep and meditation, positive attitude, social interacting and support and spiritual practice.

All the relaxing techniques release substances that increase the production of natural killer cells, lymphocytes-T class of cells that reinforce the immune system, but also increase telomeres length, for life extension and rejuvenation.

The 10 healing factors do not guarantee healing in all cases because each case is different, but for sure the strength of the immune system. Most important of everything is to have a purpose in life and to be forgiving, to have compassion, love, kindness, and gratitude.

Dr. Tom O’Brian, N.D., was reporting about “Altered Microbiome: Optimizing Gut Health and Ability to Fight Cancer.”

He was mentioning 5 pillars for keeping healthy, and not just for avoiding cancer, but all the diseases, and mainly to control inflammation. These 5 pillars are, the food we eat, sensitivity and intolerances, the environment and toxins, the microbiome balance, the intestinal permeability o leaky gut, the genetics. It is important to avoid doing same things that are the cause of the disease, it is fundamental to change lifestyle and diet and unhealthy choices.

He was emphasizing Dr. Alessio Fasano’s research, and discover of the zonulin, the marker for leaky gut, or permeable intestine, and the comment that Dr. Fasano makes in relation “Every disease begins in the gut” which, is, of course, the most important and primary thing to address. First thing he suggests to do is to look at food sensitivity and/or intolerance because this is what cause microbiota imbalance and dysbiosis and so gut inflammation and from here leaky gut that compromise the immune system response and all that can derive, from autoimmunity to cancer.  Some of the comparisons he does to explain the leaky gut and the whole process are typical, and well described in his two books. “Autoimmune Fix” and “Fix Your Brain”, both excellent books.

Substantially he defines as “cheese-clothes” the pores that can be created in the intestinal wall due to the permeability process caused by the inflammatory molecules and toxins released from bacteria, like the LPS of the cell coat of Gram negatives bacteria. Undigested macromolecules, due to lack of digestive enzymes, or of hydrochloric acid, or to intolerance across these pores of the intestinal barrier disperse in blood and so in the body system. The immune system does not recognize these molecules and begins to attack and create more inflammation, or if these molecules, which practically are sequence of amino acids, have a similarity with the structure of a tissue or an organ, the immune system will attack its own tissues and organs (molecular mimicry), and from here starts the degeneration process and so autoimmunity, o cancer, or other diseases.  He widely treats these subjects in all his videos, webinars, classes, conferences, and public appearances.

Natasha Zalos, technician, was talking about lymphatic massage and technique that uses a device as a form of therapy, not only for cancer but for all the inflammatory conditions; every time the immune system get compromised the lymphatic system drains the fluid with toxins, dead cells and microbes away from the body, but when people are not well this system does not function as should and so this type of technique and massage done with essential oils will help to release these toxic load from the body.

Dr. Thomas Lodi, M.D. began introducing “what is cancer” itself and investigating “beyond rapid cells growth”.

On his definition cancer is the capacity to disturb “homeostasis” which means balance in body, to heal cancer, or other diseases it is necessary reestablishing the balance; for example, if blood pressure is not balanced for a variety of reasons, more than lower down with medications or other remedies it is necessary to discover and eliminate the cause (stress, diet, not exercise, environment), people with years of hypertensive episodes are at risk of hypoxia and so also from cancer because cancer develops in anaerobic environment, and which means in absence of oxygen.

All cells need energy for their functions, and 50% of this is used for building process, the machinery of energy in our body are the mitochondria where ATP, the universal molecule of energy is produced, and for these reactions to happen oxygen is necessary, oxidative phosphorylation is the stage of metabolism where these molecules are produced. Oxidation will produce free radicals which if accumulate will cause mitochondria vulnerability; with the aging process and degenerative processes 40-50% of cells become dysfunctional, loose mitochondrial function, and start to ferment.

Cancer is a chronic fermenting cell, same process for all type of cancers, dead tissues, food for bacteria, necrosis, glycolysis, lactic acid, CO2, sore muscles; if we exercise for long time and experience fatigue and shortness of brief, fermentation is happening.

Each cancer, he states, has a cause correlated besides the genetic, and gives much importance to prebiotics and diet which must be vary with lots of antioxidants to function as anti-inflammatory.

Glutamine and glucose are inflammatory, cancer cells feed on glucose, intermitting fasting it is necessary to keep healthy besides all the other roles more time mentioned and basic for all, food, hydration, sleep, exercise, air quality, environment, toxins, stress, meditation, spirituality.

Dr. Nalin Chilkov, D.M.O, was talking of plan, team, and cooperation, and understanding the whole picture, if autoimmune disease and cancer it will be more inflammation, if diabetes it will be necessary to balance insulin and blood sugar first. Diet must be low carbs and sugars no way, cancer cells thrive on glucose, and excessive proteins can also fuel cancer.

Plates must be ¾ of colorful vegetables, the remaining of lean proteins and healthy fats, no bread, or pasta, or fruit, lots of vegetables for healthy microbiome and healing mushrooms for support of immune system. Hydration and sleep are especially important, intermitting fast using fluids with electrolytes as water, teas, or broths.

Dr. Daniel Pompa, D.C., was all about fasting. Fasting 101- Truth about fasting and cancer, intermittent fasting strategies, beyond fasting, these were the titles, and I believe “Beyond Fasting”, the title of his book.

One extended fast per year or short intermittent fast can reduce risk of getting cancer 95%. He was explaining the concept of autophagia, when in deep state of fast body eats its own bad cells, bad DNA, inflamed and senescent cells, I believe mainly through the work of macrophages and the other phagocyting cells, for this reason long term fast, even 5 days is a healing process.

He was mentioning Dr. Valter Longo, PhD, Italian scientist, and creator of the “Longevity Diet” or “Dieta Della Longevita” in original Italian, as model for these fasting.

These types of fasting are usually done with water or fluids with proteins, with partial fasting is possible to reach same benefits anyway under 1000 calories per day and 20 gr of proteins per day, water fasting is the best at least once a month.

MTOR which stands for high protocols metabolic pathway, non a good idea for people with cancer.

Diversity in microbiome, change in diet, adaptation of body systems, inflammation treatment, homeostasis balance, cell regeneration, diet variation are the strategies.

Dr. Junil Pai, M.D. “Inflammation and cancer, reduce through lifestyle and natural anti-inflammatories”, this what he was discussing.

Inflammation progress to cancer or other diseases, the key is reducing inflammation wherever and however this is expressing. The underlying mechanisms that are causing chronic inflammation are too challenging to treat if there is more degeneration. Overtime constant inflammation cause degeneration of tissues, and suppresses the immune system favoring cancer development, also persistent infections, and exposure to toxins. The epigenetics has its role, it is important to incorporate correct lifestyle to turn off the bad genes.

Then he was giving some examples, chronic colitis can bring to colon rectal cancer after years of bleeding and inflammation, arthritis not treated from years arises the risk for lymphoma. Always necessary to find the root cause of a disease and let the body heal by itself with the appropriates tools and strategies.

Essentially important for this doctor to treat inflammation, and as anti-inflammatory foods he was suggesting plant-based food diet and organic, phytonutrients like resveratrol, curcumin, and polyphenols, all antioxidants, simply treat with diet.

Top foods pro-inflammatory for him are dairy, which stimulates insulin grown factors, with the age we lose digestive enzymes, raw organic removes toxins but is still non healthy, and dairy produce a lot of mucus. Eggs are to avoid because among the content of cholesterol, risk for heart disease, produce procarcinogen for microbiome. All animal proteins cause dysfunction of microbiome for production of endotoxins causing inflammatory response. Bad Fats as saturated fats well known cause of inflammation, and he was mentioning as example ghee and coconut butter both considered healthy fats, but while ghee even having an animal origin, has lots of benefits including detoxification and capacity to lower lipids, coconut butter instead despite of its benefits and coming from plants can increase the lipids levels.

He made some other considerations in regard of foods considered healthy like for example, salmon for being full of toxins, bone broth which has none of the benefits demonstrated, and ketogenic diet because producing ketones feeds cancer cells that use ketone as fuel as much as glucose; too many proteins and fats as well are non-healthy.

He was mentioning angiogenesis which is the cut of blood supplies to cancer cells, as the most important thing for cancer rather than alternative therapies like IV solutions, they are not so useful if there is not radical change of diet and lifestyle, these are things not easy to accomplish and therefore support is necessary.

As we can see there is always some discrepancy and disagreement, but in general they all agree on major steps and fundamental lifestyle behaviors and mainly in finding the root cause and lowering down inflammation and keeping a healthy microbiome.

There are few more that I have had the opportunity to listen and I am going to review in a next blog.

Thanks for reading.

Mariarosaria M.

To be continued.

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