MTHFR, Blood Type Influence and Coronavirus.

Susceptibility and Alternative Therapies

One of my first blog titled “MTHFR and Blood Type” has been viewed recently several times, probably to find a connection with what is happening right now with the coronavirus susceptibility.

My intent with this blog was simply to analyze both influences with diseases separately, and eventually brainstorming connections among the two things.

I have already over discussed about the distinction in secretors and non-secretors in the population and this looks the first evident character of classification in regard of the susceptibility. The most of the percentage of the population, the secretors, equal to the 80% have been not affected from the virus or at least in a mild way, or are asymptomatic, while the rest, the non-secretors, equal to the 20% and made from those with the chronic and debilitating diseases, or age related, instead have been pretty bad affected with severe complications from the virus infection.

We thought was almost over, we all were finally getting always more free from all of this and trying to ignore that almost did happen, but unfortunately is still happening for many people in many States, here in the States, and so in other parts of the world.

The surveillance must continue, and we must keep going with our daily routine of sanitation and hygiene roles, wearing masks, and keeping social distance for what we can.

With COVIDA-19 the immune system is under attack and there is a sort of” cytokine storm” which lower the immune defense of the body and this is the way for the infection becomes more severe and begins to attack the respiratory system, or other systems with its complications, unless there is a strong immune system capable to react to the threat; this is why it is so important to build strong immune defense during these times, and people with chronic and debilitating disease and immunodeficient must take even more seriously precautions.

There is so a connection, or better are people with MTHFR mutations also more at risk, or susceptible to COVID-19 so as some blood groups?

It looks like they are, so as Blood type A people for having more affinity to the virus since this has a type A configuration, and which means that the antibodies do not recognize the virus as an invader and let go inside the cells, people with MTHFR mutations are also more sensitive to the attack from the virus.

Here is what a Methylation expert, Dr. Nancy Mullan, MD thinks about the correlation COVID-19 and MTHFR

She, as the most of naturopaths thinks that besides the regular measures of prevention it is necessary to reinforce the immune system and that the virus steels methyl groups for its functions, for this reason methyl groups are considered anti-viral because when they attaches to the appropriate receptor site on a virus they silent the virus, so as they turn off bad genes to proliferation of cancer.

They make the virus unable to infect a cell, this is why it is very important for people with these deficits to make sure to methylate to a proper level, and which means to get appropriate methylation support either with food than with supplements.

For whom interested here is a link to another of my blog where I review the MTHFR SNPs or genetic mutations and specific foods and supplements to support and whose data come from one the major specialist with methylations mutations, genetic SNPs and Epigenetics related, Dr. Ben Lynch and his book, “Dirty Genes”  

SNPs and Methylation Cycle

Dr. Mullan also makes sure in her article “ MTHFR and COVID-19” that if someone has MTHFR and lives in the area hardest hit  from the pandemic can dose up on Vitamin C which has well known antiviral properties, vitamins A and D so that the levels of these important immune boosters do not get low. I also have discussed about this type of support in previous blogs, one of this is “Natural Protocols To Strength The Immune System”, here the link:


Dr. Mullan also recommends that a person is treated with chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin in case of severe symptoms, or Remdesivir if symptoms are more progressed. If instead someone has been told that has the virus but can stay at home, if MTHFR positive should at least get high dose of Vitamin C through IV injection or even better consult a naturopath, or specialist who may also offer IV Hydrogen Peroxide and/or Ozone therapy; in addition they can give appropriate vitamin infusions based on personal situation.

A doctor from one of a recent summit on Immune Defense, Dr. Thomas E. Levy was talking about these two last therapies in regard of coronavirus infection prevention in addition to a more usual immune supportive protocol including high doses of vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc and magnesium chloride as type of magnesium and in solution of 2.5%,and any other quality supplements including additional antioxidants.

He was mentioning Hydrogen Peroxide nebulization as successful therapy for Covid-19 as long as for any other type of pathogen and infection, as much as needed and for a time of 5 min per session as prophylactic therapy.

Concentration must be 3% or less based on patient tolerance, for some people this percentage can cause stinging o burning in the nose, in this case can be diluted with water till a tolerable concentration, if someone is heavily infected, 3% is usually tolerated. Also, the nebulization can sting and inflame the eyes, to avoid this problem Dr. Levy suggests of performing in front of a fan.

He defines ozone therapy the best antipathogen therapy for any viral infection, the only problem is the availability for blood treatment and/or ultraviolet blood irradiation.

Ozone has been applied for the Ebola virus in conjunction with vitamin C, but not in high doses, or vitamin C and glutathione and with positive results.

He comments that vitamin C high doses is an absolute virucide, and in consideration to take there are: dose and frequency of administration and form, if IV, oral or liposomal; usually doses performed through IV are 1.5 grams every 6 hours for advanced sepsis, most important is the frequency; with liposomal 3-5 grams per day, and with regular oral vitamin C 4-6 grams per day, if bowel tolerates.

Plasma harvested from recovered patients has shown to be working, but this therapy- he says- is more involved and expensive than ozone, vitamin C and chloroquine. He compares chloroquine therapy to hydrogen peroxide therapy in dissolving all respiratory issues, but that it is effective only in conjunction with azithromycin.

Chloroquine, as already mentioned from me in previous blogs on COVID-19, is not highly recommended from naturopaths for its side effects, but this doctor is an MD for views and experiences are different.

As we know chloroquine is an ionophore so as flavonoids like quercetin are, and which means that they create a channel for ions through the cell membrane to allow molecules like zinc to perform their function. In the case of zinc the function is of inhibition of viral replication for stopping the activity of RNA polymerase, the enzyme that builds the genetic material for the virus.

Other factor that he discusses in his e-book  offered at the summit is the sensibility to heat of viruses, they are totally denatured and destroyed at very high temperature like 132 F, equivalent to 56 C, as it has been proved with MERS-CoV.

This is why sauna is one more suggested therapy for the virus, temperatures can go up to 140 F; the doctor suggests to hold and deep brief for few seconds and then let out , and that a burn or sting will be the prove that it’s working.

Simply different point of view on a theme pretty much discussed, but considering the current situation, it is okay to review data and search for new alternatives and brainstorming about causes and predispositions in the population.

Thanks for reading.

Mariarosaria M



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