Best Foods for Thyroid?


Looking for pictures to add at my recent article on thyroid I found several links on internet related to best foods for thyroid so as we can find about everything else.

Foods and way we eat are very important today. For what regard myself since I learned from the Blood Type Diet which foods were generally better for my specific blood group and which to avoid I tried to do my best, and when I was capable to be more consistent with this diet and to renounce to some of those foods I really liked, I definitively felt better besides reducing or avoiding fried and grilled foods, and eating in the cleanest  and light possible way, which is always the best option, at least for me.

There were some foods in the list of the blood type that were not matching with those from an intolerance test I did many years ago and this left me a little frustrated, for example, the salmon is supposed to be a super beneficial food for blood type A, but I had some sensitivity to the salmon, and very unacceptable to the “basil”, ever possible, for me as an Italian?

I could understand about salmon since this was a type of fish I was not used to eat normally because of eating more white fish, but basil? I love basil, I have always eaten, and same in US. I did interpret instead my low sensitivity to wheat for having eaten to much in my life till that time.

After listening the most of doctors I follow in regard of these subjects I realized that maybe like they say there are some differences in the production and/or sources of foods.

For example, in some of these summits they were saying that the wheat in Italy is different, the manufacture, the processing and combination of grain eventually, and this is why people can eat more and do not have problems of intolerance, but then in Italy the best option for diet are the integral grains and the amount is limited anyway.

I understand that as much as there is gluten grains are to avoid for the sensitivity and molecular mimicry  of the immune system that gluten can cause, and this is why they were probably saying that in Italy wheat was different because the percentage of the toxic part of gluten is probably less.

What I know for sure is that in Italy there are problems anyway while food should be better, more fresh and organic, and options are different, Italians eat more fish than meat and more fruit and vegetables; the point is that not all the people follow healthy life style; unfortunately the processed food is everywhere now and in today life everyone is busy, for the choices and options are not always the best also for Italians; in addition there are other reasons, of course, the pollution, the chemicals and all the reasons over-repeated  for people are sick today.


We all got the point, right? We all understand that eating fresh and from the original source is the best option, and that preserving the nutrients in foods is important, and then there are variety of diets and lists of foods for different conditions.

The choices are many and so the suggestions and protocols, and wherever we look at we can find list of elements and foods good for this or for that, recipes, dishes, and way to prepare and to assemble these foods.

The industry of food and all related has grown in an exponential way today and we all are captivated from this, who for a reason who for another.

I must to be honest, as much as I disregard the excess of everything in life, I like this because I like foods, I like the creativity of the thousands of recipes today from all around the world.

So, what are the foods recommended for thyroid and why.

As we can guess main foods for thyroid are all those containing iodine since this is the major element for thyroid function, goiter or not, as long as introduced in our body as food and in  limited quantities should not be a problem for autoimmune thyroid as well, doses vary for age, generally for adults 150 mcg is the recommended amount.

In which foods we can find iodine:

Fish as cod and tuna, algae and seaweeds, shrimps and other seafood, hopefully not contaminated by the variety of toxins in the environment!

In addition, the amount of iodine in seaweed (kelp, kombu, nori and wakame) is variable, in these herbs used in Asian cuisine the content can be very high and for there is to be careful.

Dairy products and products made from grains, but both these last two foods are not recommended for thyroid for the grade of intolerance they can cause, yogurt also has iodine and should be a good food for thyroid, of course low fat and with no sugar added.

Vegetables as kale, watercress, green beans and organic potatoes, based on how much iodine is in the soil, cranberries and strawberries seem to be the fruits with iodine.

Another important element for thyroid is selenium; it looks like to be in most of meat like, ham, beef, pork, turkey and chicken, and in Brazilian nuts.

In general, based on the essentiality of the function and on foods to avoid as cause of intolerance and/or allergies and so of autoimmunity, the main recommended foods for thyroid from specialists are:

Fish, seaweed, oysters, eggs, turkey breast, beans, lentils, baked potatoes, brown rice, carrots, dark green leaves, spinach, broccoli, avocado, fennel, garlic, strawberries and cranberries, apples, almonds and Brazilian nuts, low fat yogurt, green tea, dark chocolate, olive oil, coconut oil, sea salt and pink Himalayan salt. Paleo diet, autoimmune diet, root cause diet are the choice for most of thyroid specialists.

It is important to know and being acknowledged about choices of foods and/or diets we should follow for our conditions, or simply to stay healthy and even if we cannot totally agree or being capable to follow, we must at least try, and more brain washing we have more we realize that this is to take in consideration so as with other things in life.

Thanks for reading

Mariarosaria M.





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